These cosy little cottages are crafted from top quality ceramic, and can each stand alone on a flat surface or be hung from a wall, railing, or hooked onto a cabinet using the hook spaces on the back (as seen above). Each house also hase an open space in the roof for your flowers, trimmings, greenery, pencils, or paintbrushes. Choose from 3 beautiful little houses, or collect them all. These items are hand painted so variations in the finishing and glaze will occur. 


Long Island Village House

  • A two storey building which is brightly painted in navy blue hue. The house has six rooms represented by the white painted windows. The roof is also painted in striped white colour.
  • 19cm tall x 16cm wide x 16cm back


Ink Village House

  • A four storey building with an attic at the top. Composed of ten rooms excluding the attic, and painted with a splash of navy blue, it has a tawny brown coloured door and a black door knob while the roof is painted in a glossy white colour.
  • 24cm tall x 13cm wide x 10cm back


South Village House

  • A single storey house with navy lacquered windows and a front porch. It also has a navy and white wavy striped roof.
  • 15.5cm tall x 13cm wide x 8cm back

'Village Houses' Assorted Ceramic Vases