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Rivsalt (grated salt) is a gastronomic experience and a new way of adding salt to food. Designed in Sweden and based on a Japanese concept, it uses a sharp stainless steel grater for a block of rock salt. When you buy a Rivsalt Original Mini Salt Grater, you can be sure it will create conversations and new experiences around the dinner table. 


Rivsalt Original includes a high quality, mini stainless steel grater, a block of pure Himalayan Pink rock salt and a stand made from untreated natural oak. They are all packaged in a beautiful gift box. Rivsalt is a perfect foodie gift and a gift for those who seem to already have “everything”.


Pair it with Rivsalt Rock Salt Tasting Pack to explore the flavours of the world, or opt for a larger salt grater with our Rivsalt Original Mini Grater. 


Enjoy pure Himalayan Pink Salt from Pakistan, the perfect 'all-rounder' salt. It is high in minerals, and is highly flavoured with lasting spicy heat over a mild mineral body. Ideal for seasoning meat and fish, as well as vegetables. Min 98.63% NaCl (PINK to WHITE)


Rivsalt Original Mini Salt Grater includes:

  • The grater : H 7.5 cm x W 5 cm  x 0.1 cm (thickness)
  • The round stand (wood board): 6.4 cm (diameter) x 1.9 cm (thickness) manufactured from FSC-certified oak wood.
  • The salt rock: Himalayan Pink salt, irregular dimension, between 40-60g
  • The cylindrical gift box: 7.4cm diameter x 11cm height

Rivsalt Kitchen Jumbo Salt Grater

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