River Festival Artist Print by Jane Hoggard. White Frame.

Distant vessels on the night horizon as Brisbane’s river festival celebrations build and food markets crammed into ferry stops and bridge alcoves to attract passers-by.

Worn jugs and Greek ceramics flash past your eyes if you are moving too fast along Southbank. 

A large piece where acrylic tepees and charcoal whimsy sit underneath a foreground of still life in oil stick and turps. A piece of lolly land with flying colours. 

“River Festival” talks about water as a meeting point, a gathering of celebration and jolly good cups of tea. It speaks of how grateful I am, the vibrant colours which are a celebration in themselves, the movement the slight chaos provides and the vessels to ride on or drink from describe festival – for everyone. 



95cm x 95cm

'River Festival' Framed Print

SKU: FP0001