Quoits can be played with two or more players and is the perfect way to break the ice at social gatherings or have a few laughs with family and friends. Loved all over the world, quoits is believed to have origins with the ancient Greeks. As a game of great skill, quoits involves setting the block and peg 2.7 metres back and outscoring your opponents by tossing the six quoit rings and landing them over the peg.


Quoit tournaments are played with each player having a minimum of six throws on their first turn and scoring one point for each successful throw. Thereafter, and on each subsequential turn, players throw just one quoit but earn the right to toss another quoit on that turn if their previous throw was successful. The winner is the first player to achieve the agreed target score. 


Unlike modern cheapies that use chipboard, Planet Finska's traditional rope quoits design stays true to the origins of this classic game of skill. Crafted from eco-friendly hardwood, their timeless block and peg has a 35mm base that is guaranteed not to tip over. The solid peg is 30mm thick and has a turned wooden thread so that it screws firmly into the block without the need for metal screws or fixtures. The peg will never wobble or come loose overtime. It is also finished in a clear varnish to beautify and protect the timber. The six traditional and chunky quoits have steel ring centres and are weighty so as to provide better feel and control with each throw. The quoits are finished and bound with black and white braiding. Quoits set should be kept dry and out of the weather when not in use. 


Planet Finska is an Australian brand based in Brookvale, NSW, that creates quality traditional games appropriate for all ages. 

Quoits Game