Mini finska game is crafted from 100% birch, by Planet Finska. 

Comes in a mini storage crate with handles for easy transportation. Mini edition of the Preemio Finska game. 


So what is Finska?

Finska is the must-have log-chucking game from Finland. Based on an ancient game kept secret in Finnish forests for eons, Finska provides unique and seriously addictive outdoor entertainment at the park, beach, snow, or in your own backyard. 

A race to exactly 50 points, where every game is different, Finska provides both strategy and skill to defeat your opponent and claim victory. Finska is suitable for anyone of any age, and is sure to bring everyone together regardless of age. 


The game crate can also be used to carry your liquid refreshments during 'happy hour'. This is also known as "Ginska and Finska". 


Planet Finska is an Australian brand based in Brookvale, NSW, that creates quality traditional games appropriate for all ages. 

Mini Finska Game