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This stunning handmade food cover design is detailed yet not overpowering. Its deep blues contrasts with bright gren and light neutrals make the beautiful craft pop. Its bamboo material is lustrous, making this food cover glamorously shaped. Plus, bamboo is a resilient  material with excellent wear and tear abilities.


An indispensable accessory for any dining setting, its unique handwoven design takes centre stage in any table display. Bamboo kitchen wares also add a natural touch to any kitchen. Bamboo fibre is 100% recyclable and reusable, hence it's good for the environment. This non-toxic bamboo product is excellent for concealing cheese or fruit platters, and wont interfere with the taste and natural aroma of food (causing it to smell like bamboo).  Enthral guests by using it to beautify dishware used to serve desserts. 



35cm Length x 26cm Width x 24cm Height (including handle)

Medium Rectangular Bamboo Food Covering - Green

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