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Maison Matine... a new unisex French fragrance brand with a cosmopolitan spirit bringing niche fragrances to the now generation. Inspired by making perfume accessible, social and fresh, Maison Matine goes beyond Paris to co-create with designers and artists from around the world. 

Striving for sustainability, each Maison Matine Eau de Parfum is made with wheat alcohol sourced from organic farming, and all ingredients are harvested with respect for nature and producers. Maison Matine packaging is proudly made from recycled materials and is recyclable. Each design is an ode to collaboration, developed in tandem by both graphic designer and master perfumer. Fragrances 50mL each. 




Esprit De Contradiction

  • Maison Matine's Esprit de Contradiction offers up a zesty message to challenge the status quo and make your voice heard. The Eau de Parfum represents the duality between the freshness of tangerine and the warmth of cedar wood, between acceptance and revendication. This woody, citrus creation is from the much admired perfumer Christian Vermorel, with graphic artwork from Mathilde Purseigle. 
  • Olfactive family- citrus woody
  • Top notes - tangerine, citrus, black pepper, coriander; Heart notes - ginger, ylang ylang, iris roots, clove; Base notes - musk, vetiver, sage, cedar wood. 


Avant L'Orage

  • Maison Matine's Avant L’Orage is symbolic of the calm before the storm. A milky and enveloping Eau de Parfum, that is both electrifying and spiritual. This woody, floral creation is from celebrated perfumer Philippine Courtière, with graphic artwork from Mathilde Purseigle.
  • Olfactory family- woody floral
  • Top notes - pink pepper; Heart notes - jasmine sambac, benzoin;
    Base notes - vanilla, sandalwood, musk, tonka bean


Warni Warni

  • A journey to the heart of cosmopolitan cities, Maison Matine's Warni Warni is an olfactory invitation to share, meet and mingle. The floral, spicy floral Eau de Parfum is from renowned perfumer Elise Benat, and features notes of tea, cardamon, fressia, orange blossom, cedar, coumarin and musk. The chic graphic artwork is from Mathilde Purseigle. 
  • Olfactory family - floral spicy
  • Top notes - tea, cardamom; Heart notes - freesia, orange blossom; Base notes - cedar, coumarin, musk


Into the Wild

  • Dive into a tropical odyssey with Maison Matine's Into the Wild Eau de Parfum. The exotic fragrance is an invitation to travel through luxuriant nature and discover new horizons. The woody spicy creation is from perfumer Adilson Rato, and features artful graphics from Mathilde Purseigle.
  • Olfactory family - woody spicy
  • Top notes - cardamom, juniper berries, pepper; Heart notes - ginger, magnolia, frangipani; Base notes - chocolate


Lost in Translation

  • Maison Matine's Lost in Translation Eau de Parfum takes inspiration from the revelation of an unknown landscape thanks to a daring accord of smoky, aquatic and metallic notes. This woody, spicy, aquatic creation is from perfumer Laurent Marrone, and features daring graphics from Perrine Honoré.
  • Olfactory family - woody, spicy, aquatic
  • Top notes - clean accords, violet leaves, juniper; Heart notes - rosewood, black pepper, white tea; Base notes - patchouli, drywood, tobacco, leather, cloudy musks.

Nature Insolente

  • Maison Matine's Nature Insolente Eau de Parfum reconnects with your primary instincts. Get back to nature with the summery and sharp freshness of Nature Insolente! The citrus, floral creation is from perfumer Philippine Courtière, and features expressive graphics from Mathilde Purseigle.
  • Olfactive family - citrus floral
  • Top notes - orange, lemon, bergamot orange; Heart notes - lily of the valley, mint, honey melon; Base notes - vetiver, cedar, musk


Poom Poom

  • Maison Matine's Poom Poom is a carefree ode to life itself. The Eau de Parfum wants us to embrace living life to the fullest, to the beat of your own drum! The floral, woody, musky creation is from perfumer Rémi Barbier, and features expressive graphics from Mathilde Purseigle.
  • Olfactory family - floral, woody, musky
  • Top notes - pink, mandarin blossom, orange, kiwi; Heart notes - orchid, peony, freesia, rose; Base notes - musk, sandalwood, ebony, vanilla

Maison Matine Eau De Parfum - Assorted Fragrances

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