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Le coq du bonheur are known as the Roosters of good luck and happiness. Hand-painted ceramic from Barcelos, Portugal, these roosters come in 3 different sizes and 2 different patterns, as well as egg cups. 


The good luck rooster represents a popular cultural symbol in Portugal and originates from the legendary pilgrim’s tale of the Rooster of Barcelos -  a well know folklore tale told in Portugal. Representing faith, justice and good luck, a Barcelos rooster in the home brings good luck to the recipient and household making it the perfect housewarming gift or ‘cheer up’ gift for a misfortuned companion. These cheerful roosters also make excellent ‘hospital’ gifts for ailing patients.


The Legend of the Old Cockerel of Barcelos

A Galician pilgrim, as he was leaving Barcelos en route to Santiago de Compostela, was accused of stealing silver from a landowner and sentenced to death by hanging. As a final pleas to save himself the prisoner requested a meeting with the judge who was about to tuck into a meal of roast cockerel. The Galician vowed that as a proof of his innocence the cockerel would stand up on the plate and crow.

The judge pushed aside his meal and ignored the plea. But as the prisoner was hanged, the cockerel stood up and crowed. The judge realizing his mistake hurried to the gallows and found the Galician had miraculously survived thanks to a loose knot.

According to legend, the Galician returned years later to carve the Cruzeiro do Senhor do Galo now housed in the Museum Arqueologico in Barcelos Portugal.


Variants Available:

  • Large Floral - 25cm
  • Large Blue & White - 25cm
  • Medium Floral - 20cm
  • Medium Blue & White - 20cm
  • Small Floral - 15cm 
  • Small Blue & White - 15cm
  • Egg Cups

Le Coq Du Bonheur ~ Roosters of Luck & Happiness - assorted

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