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100% soy wax and cotton wicks

Beautiful glass vessels that can later be used to hold jewellery, sweets, pot-potpurri, tea, spices, etc.

No chemicals or paraffin wax

Variety of unique and indulgent fragrances (see below)


Each candle has 3 wicks

20cm height x 16cm diameter


Hand-poured in a NSW country farm

Created by Oleria Emporium



Egyptian Musk

A clean, delicate, rich and pretty aroma. Simply the most beguiling feminine musk blend you will ever experience, that creates a sensual mood. 


French Pear

The essence of a crisp, tree-ripened pear slowly cooked with cinnamon and wine, captured with hints of cranberries and nutmeg. This scent is sophisticated, juicy, and meltingly smooth. Wonderful winter warmer.


Champagne Bath

Best Seller! A seductive blend of effervescent champagne with a delicious bright note combination of strawberry, rose petals, raspberries and pomegranate. 


Green Tea & Lemongrass

A soothing blend brought to life with fresh lemongrass, lime zest, verbena leaf, and white ginger, then delicately warmed with notes of sweet pea and golden amber. 


Bulgarian Rose

A warm, floral and elegant fragrance with honey notes, traditionally from the Middle East. Bulgarian Rosa Damascena is a classically fine fragrance from Nanna's rose garden. 


Kaffir Lime & Sandalwood

A rich warmth of sandalwood blended with hints of patchouli combined with fresh zesty lime peel, sweet citrus orange and spiced amber. Men's Choice awarded and The Candle Ladies' personal favourite. 


Vanilla Bordeaux

Classic sweet vanilla infused with seductive tobacco, caramel,  musk, and warm spices, creating an aromatic and sensual atmosphere. 

Large Oleria Emporium Soy Candles - Assorted Fragrances

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