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Luxury Flower Box-branded large Hallmark reed diffusers, available in a variety of fragrances. Contained in 700mL French-made refillable Decanter, the fragrance oils are 0% alcohol, leaving you with a longer lasting fragrance. 


Box of extra-length diffuser reeds and Care Card included. 12 month lifespan. 


Created by Flower Box Home Fragrances.

Made in Perth, Western Australia.


Fragrances Available:

Sweet Orange & Lavender

  • Upon a base of Patchouli and Lavender; to which we’re all well acquainted, lay fresh Pine Needles and Rosewood. An inimitable crown of Sweet Orange creates a unique crisp but soothing experience to have you appreciate all the beauty around you.   


Amber Orchid

  • Be allured by sophistication.  Amber Orchid delivers the magnificence of an Oriental Orchid, the sharpness of Ginger Root and the syrupy earthiness of Amber – effortlessly tangled together by Bergamot and Heliotrope. A comforting fragrance to be used all year round.


Cucumber & Wild Basil

  • Refreshing and revitalising, this clean fragrance delivers fresh green Cucumber with a splash of citric Grapefruit and sweet Melon. The herbal delights of Wild Basil and Coriander ensure this fragrance tick every box for the most discerning nose chasing revitalisation.  Cucumber & Wild Basil will refresh any space, any time of year.


French Rose (Limited Release)

  • For centuries the Pink Rose has been a symbol of elegance, often presented as a token of gratitude and appreciation. Here Pink Rose is fused with the intoxicating scent of French Champagne, softened with Mediterranean Hyacinth and sweetened with Blackcurrant to make this faultless representation of Love.


Flowers & Pear

  • An opulent fragrance. Fresh top notes of Fresh Pear, Green Leaves, Freesia and Patchouli combine with the earthy base notes of Amber and Cedar Wood to deliver a timeless scent that compliments the most exquisite interiors.


Fresh Lemongrass

  • The unmistakable fragrances of Lemongrass and Lime Zest are here merged with fresh Lemon Peel over soft floral jasmine, rosewood, and Vanilla undertones.  This revitalising fragrance will have you energised and feeling fresh.


White Cedarwood

  • …if luxury were a scent. Top notes of Bergamot and fresh Lemon Peel perfectly contrast the naturally earthy middle notes of Cedarwood and Patchouli. White Musk and Vanilla form the comfortable bed in which the above fragrances lay, transporting you to a luxuriously soothing environment.


Magnolia & Green Leaves

  • Notes of Magnolia in bloom paired with naturally assorted green leaves forces one to reminisce of a Spring stroll through the leafy paths of Hyde Park. White Geranium, Tuberose and the opulent richness provided by Jasmine are balanced with a citric-sweet hint of Mandarin. 


Pink Flowers

  • Pink Flowers is the epitome of feminine charm.  Floral notes of all kinds dance together in this lavish blend; Pink Jasmine, Gardenia and Cyclamen combine to forge the aroma of your dreams. Bursts of Fir needle and Pink Grapefruit are enjoyed by those with an inquisitive nose.


Fig Leaf & Cedar

  • This sophisticated fragrance begins it' story with top notes of Rosemary & Lemon - moving into the familiar and enticing scent of Fig Leaves; where Orange Blossom makes it's long awaited appearance above a luxuriously warm and substantial base of Cedar. This phenomenal fragrance is truly memorable and incredibly addictive; suited to the most discerning customers. 


Mandarin Vanilla Bean

  • Inspired by individuals and interiors chasing a touch of feminine charm. The subtle sweet tartness of Mandarin openly mingles with Mimosa and Rose, as one courts their desired duchess throughout the warmer months. Overtly suave Amber and smooth Vanilla Bean lay the path from which the feminine hand is offered. A sanctimonious union enlightening all who bear witness.




  • Height (including reeds) - 33cm 
  • Height (Decanter only/not including reeds) - 18cm
  • Width of decanter - 15cm 


  • 23cm x 16.5cm x 7.5cm 

*Reeds included in separate box

Hallmark Reed Diffusers Assorted - Flower Box

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