Who doesnt remember hookey? An Australian classic, hookey has provided fun and entertainment at barbeques, parties and family gatherings for more than 50 years. Planet Finska's Hookey stays true to the origins of the great game, and is crafted from beautiful eco-friendly hardwood. The board is also full sized, with a diameter of 34cm. No inferior materials such as MDF or chipboard are used in the creation of their games. 


Hookey is versatile. In addition to the traditional race to exactly 101 points, you may also remember "hookey cricket", or "round the clock" as popular and fun ways to play. 


Each set of Hookey by Planet Finska includes a 34cm varnished hookey board, 13 hooks, 6 long-lasting black silicon rings, and a rule card for various forms of the game. It is recommended that the Hookey board is kept dry. 


Planet Finska is an Australian brand based in Brookvale, NSW, that creates quality traditional games appropriate for all ages. 

Hookey Game