Bixby is the bold statement that Caddis condensed into a smaller package. They went back to the lab and created a design with the same DNA as their 'Miklos' frames, yet it is its own animal, designed for slighter smaller faces. 


All Caddis readers - in all magnifications - now come with their proprietary blue light blocking frequency® lenses.

  • Blue light blocking technology infused into the lens. Not coated.
  • Block 45% of harmful blue light at, and surrounding, the most harmful wavelength (455 nm). This is more than other brands. Ask and you'll see.
  • Are nearly clear (which is hard to do).


These frames are available in strengths +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, & +2.50.

'Bixby' Polished Clear Pink Reading Glasses - Caddis Optical