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The Brut Syrup range by Bacanha offers a collection of unique flavors. The syrups are made from rigorously selected noble raw materials. The range of products is ideal for enhancing cocktails , coffees, teas, smoothies, and waters with a touch of originality .The latter are less sweet than a classic syrup (with pure organic cane sugar, which is more tasty than beet sugar), they are also more concentrated in aromas and natural extracts, therefore offering unrivaled aromatic power...

  • Made in France
  • 400mL glass bottles
  • Each bottle of raw syrup is a concentrate of 20 drinks.



  • Bacanha's Lime Syrup is a pure aromatic concentrate of this lime tree's citrus fruit. Its exotic and lemony fragrance is combined with its slightly bitter aroma. The natural lime syrup is perfect to prepare mojitos, caipirinhas, pisco sour, etc.



  • Yuzu syrup by Bacanha is an aromatic concentrate of this exceptional citrus fruit from Asia. Its aroma is tangy, fruity and its lemony scent is unique. The raw yuzu syrup can be used in your smoothies, cocktails, lemonades or added to still or sparkling water. 



  • Bacanha's ginger syrup is an elixir of the famous rhizome widely used in cooking. Its peppery smell is combined with its known taste: exotic and spicy. The raw ginger syrup has multiple uses. It is perfect when diluted in still or sparkling water. It is also perfect in recipes for lemonades, teas or cocktails. Finally, it can be used in your cooking recipes. 



  • Mojito syrup by Bacanha is a refreshing concentrate of the delicious Cuban cocktail. The recipe for our organic syrup has been worked on for a long time to obtain a perfect balance between the freshness of mint and the acidity of citrus fruits. Its assertive flavour of mint and lime makes it the perfect ally to quench your thirst. Raw Mojito Syrup is perfect for use in your cocktail recipes, iced teas, lemonades and simply with still or sparkling water.



  • Passion Fruit Raw Syrup by Bacanha is an aromatic concentrate of the famous tropical fruit. Its exotic fragrance combines with its irresistibly fruity and tangy flavour. Passion fruit raw syrup can be used in many cocktail recipes. It is ideal in your preparations of iced teas or lemonades and goes wonderfully with Bacanha vanilla raw syrup.

Bacanha Artisanal Natural Drink Syrups - Assorted Flavours

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