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    All of our salts and salt mixes are 100% Australian made, and 100% natural with no preservatives or additives.

    Unlike other flavoured salts that may use artificial flavouring oils, the taste you get from our TASTEOLOGY salts come straight from the herbs used and is completely natural. The herbs we use are all dried before they go into our mixes. 


    This salt comes in an oversized, high quality glass grinder bottle with a ceramic grinder which allows you to adjust the thickness of the granules. The bottle measures 21cm tall.

    All of our Great Barrier Reef-based salts are harvested locally from the Great Barrier Reef. Ethically harvested, and completely natural and free from preservatives and chemicals, when the salt is ready, it is harvested by hand and then allowed to drain in the sun before being packaged. Unlike common salt, natural sea salt contains sodium as well as other many important trace minerals.


    Great Barrier Reef Chilli Salt

    • Our Chili Salt has a base of Great Barrier Reef white rock salt, which has been carefully mixed in with birds eye dried chilli flakes to create a hot chili salt for the true Chili lover. This salt has some serious heat to it and adds the perfect touch to any oriental dishes or your pasta or steak.
    • 230g


    Great Barrier Reef Herb Salt

    • Our  Herb Salt has a base of Great Barrier Reef white rock salt, which has been carefully mixed in with dried Oregano, Marjoram, Thyme, Parsley and Sage. This creates a very versatile herb salt to be enjoyed on a wide vaeriety of foods. Sprinkle on your favourite pasta, rub your meat for a flavoursome roast, season your eggs or mix with extra virgin olive oil to season your salad.

    • 240g


    Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

    • Our Pink Himalayan Rock Salt it harvested from the Khewra salt mines, where salt has been harvested for over 800 years.

      Pink Himalayan Salt has a high content of trace minerals which give the salt its pink tinge, and helps in increasing hydration, lowering blood pressure and increasing bone strength. Plus we love the way it looks! 

    • 260g

    Assorted Tasteology Australian Salts

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